A middle school exploratory is a class that is taught Monday and Thursday OR Tuesday and Friday for about 45
minutes between 1:00-2:00 pm. We are looking for volunteers willing to teach a small group of about 10-12 students
for one quarter, starting January 8. Some possible topics are: arts and crafts, music, drama, technology, sewing,
photography, science club, math games, study skills, basic Korean/ Spanish/ Tagalog/ German (for those who don’t
currently speak that language), a specific sport, a book club, cultural dances, etc. This is not a graded or formal class,
but rather it provides opportunities for students to grow and learn in different areas. For more information or if you
are interested in serving in this way, please contact Janine Meisner, janine.meisner@fia.edu.ph.
~~Miss Janine Meisner, Middle School Lead Teacher