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The rich and noble bamboo likes humid environment and is resistant to water and humidity. Drought conditions are not conducive to growth. The azalea dried up in the process of growth, which may be due to the hardening of the pot soil, insufficient watering and poor ventilation. In the process of later management, the azalea should be scarified every three months, and water should be replenished in time when the pot soil is dry to keep the soil moist. After watering, it should be placed in a ventilated place to keep the ambient air flowing.

Pruning method of azalea In the process of cultivating azalea, 2-3 strong branches on the main trunk should be retained in spring, and the remaining branches should be cut to promote the plant to sprout new branches(plastic pots for plants wholesale). After the flowering period, the withered flowers of azalea should be cut off to reduce nutrient consumption. Before winter, the disordered and dry branches and leaves should be cut off, and the fallen leaves and dead branches on the ground should be cleared to damage the overwintering environment of pests. Suitable for decorating living rooms, hotel halls, etc.

The dried azaleas can blossom after 15-20 days of water culture. When the dried azaleas are cultured with water, it is necessary to provide a suitable environment for their growth. The ambient temperature can be controlled between 20-25 degrees, because the dried azaleas are suitable for growing in a warm environment. It is also necessary to move the dried azaleas to a cool place for maintenance when the weather is hot. It can also be used for hydroponics. The plants with roots removed can be inserted into water for rooting.

When raising dried azaleas, if the water quality turns yellow and turbid, it will lead to poor growth of the plant, which will make the branches and leaves of the dried azaleas yellow. The culture water needs to be replaced every 7-8 days. Mineral water rich in various nutrients can be used, or natural water without pollution and rich in minerals can be used to promote the rapid flowering of dried azaleas. Plumbago is particularly easy to take root in water, which is very suitable for hydroponics.

The dried branch azalea blooms in water for 7-10 days(7 gallon nursery pots wholesale). During maintenance, the root of the dried branch azalea should be trimmed to a 45 degree angle to promote the plant to absorb water, and then the dried branch azalea should be inserted into a vase containing pure water. Before flowering, the plant can be replaced with water every 3 days, and after flowering, the plant can be replaced with water every 7 days. Its plants stand upright, like bamboo rather than bamboo. According to the change of leaf color, there are varieties such as gold edge, silver edge and green leaf.

Yingshan Honglaozhuang usually germinates in 20-30 days. If you want to germinate quickly, you need to place it in an environment with a temperature of about 20 degrees to promote the healthy growth of plants, and to keep the soil moist, you can water it once a week. In addition, you need to apply fast acting nitrogen fertilizer once for Yingshan Honglaozhuang to make it sprout quickly. Humus loam with sandy soil is the best medium for cultivation, but good drainage and air permeability should be noted.

Yingshan Honglaozhuang usually germinates in 20-30 days. If you want to germinate quickly, you need to provide it with soft and well drained soil. You can use the cultivation substrate made of saprophytic soil, peat soil and perlite. After planting, you need to water the Yingshan Honglaozhuang with root water. Do not place the bamboo beside the TV or where the air conditioner and electric fan often blow to, so as to avoid the leaf tip and edge drying.

The old Yingshan red stake is suitable for growing in a warm environment. If you want to sprout quickly, you should put it indoors, control the indoor temperature at about 20 degrees, maintain the normal growth of the old Yingshan red stake, and use plastic film to wrap it around the trunk of the old Yingshan red stake. When the air is too dry in summer, you can often spray water on the plants(best seed starting trays). The requirements for fertilizer are not high, and a small amount of nutrient solution can be added about half a month.

No fertilizer is needed in winter dormancy period, and topdressing should be stopped. During sulfur cutting, dense branches, cross branches, delicate branches, drooping branches, overgrown branches and diseased and insect branches should be cut, which is not only for the beauty of the tree type, but also for improving the ventilation and light transmission conditions; It can save nutrients and make main branches strong, so as to sprout new shoots as soon as possible, so as to achieve the goal of more flowers, larger flowers and colorful flowers when they bloom next year. It can also keep the leaves green.

The pinching is usually carried out on young plants. The top bud or a section of tender shoot is removed to control the plant height, inhibit the excessive growth of long and strong branches, and promote the germination of lateral branches. If the internal branches are too thin, the pinching can also be appropriate to enrich the internal side; Bud stripping can control excessive drought and excessive flowering, reduce nutrient consumption, and peel off part or all of the flower buds from autumn and winter to flowering, which is conducive to sprouting and crown cultivation. The leaves will turn yellow and wither when the temperature is below 10 ℃.

When breeding Yingshan Red Old Piles, it is necessary to keep the soil moist. You can water it once a week to promote its vigorous growth(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale). When watering Yingshan Red Old Piles, it is better to use pollution-free well water or rainwater. You can also use the tap water after drying for 1-2 days to avoid affecting the growth of Yingshan Red Old Piles. In the room with light, the minimum room temperature shall be 6-8 ℃. In case of low temperature, the basin shall be covered with 1-2 layers of plastic bags.

Yingshanhong Laozhuang needs sufficient nutrients in the growth process. If you want to root and germinate quickly, you need to apply a quick acting nitrogen fertilizer to it to speed up the growth of the plant. In addition, you need to apply phosphorus fertilizer and potassium fertilizer to it during the bud pregnancy period. Bougainvillea is a small perennial shrub of the genus Phallostachys of Liliaceae, which is native to the Canary Islands and the tropical regions of Africa and Asia. It is a beautiful foliage plant.

At the initial stage of water change, clean water shall be changed once a day. When new roots grow, water can be changed once a week. Cut the base of the branch into a smooth slope to help the branch absorb water, and then insert it into the vase containing clean water. The water depth should be 5-10cm. Cut off the leaf sheath of the water entering part of the branch to prevent water pollution after the leaf rots. Do not move the position or change the direction within 10 days after insertion, and the bamboo will grow white roots in about 15 days.

The specific methods are as follows: Retract pruning to promote the germination of strong branches; Sparse the branches, remove the useless branches that disturb the tree shape one by one, concentrate the nutrients, and promote the generation of new branches; Use overgrown branches to renew weak branches or fill the space of plants(2 gallon nursery pots wholesale). A small amount of nutrient solution can be added after the new roots grow, but the fertilizer should not be too much to avoid burning the roots or causing overgrowth. A small amount of light should be given to keep the leaves green.

The dry branch azalea needs to change the water. The hydroponic dry branch azalea has high requirements for water quality. If the dry branch azalea is not replaced with clean water for a long time, the water quality will become yellow and turbid, which will cause the root system of the dry branch azalea to rot and yellow. The culture water needs to be replaced every other week to make the dry branch azalea grow healthily. Therefore, after rooting, a small amount of compound fertilizer should be applied every month in spring and autumn to make the branches strong.

When changing water for dry branch azaleas, it is better to use pollution-free spring or rain water rich in minerals. If you want to use tap water, you need to put it in the sun and let it stand for three days to avoid the impact of chlorine in tap water on the growth of dry branch azaleas and maintain the normal growth of plants. Stay away from glass windows at night. Pay attention to adding water to prevent dryness, and change the warm water once every 7-10 days. During the winter, nutrition is suspended.

When cultivating dried azalea, it is necessary to add a few drops of nutrient solution or preservative every other week to provide the dried azalea with the nutrients needed for flowering, so that it can grow faster. In addition, it is necessary to regularly spray potassium dihydrogen phosphate or ferrous sulfate on the branches of dried azalea to make the flowers more beautiful(128 cell seed trays). Don't put the bamboo in the place where the air conditioner and electric fan often blow to avoid drying the tip and edge of the leaf.

Then arrange the stems and branches on the top layer into a circle, bind them with gold plastic wire, and then tie them into the second layer and the third layer until the required number of layers are completed. When planting, pay attention to the outward direction of each branch and bud, and the height of each layer of stem should be consistent. When the vegetative growth of the old branches is weakened, the growth potential declines, and the hair branches become shorter and thinner, and the flowering quality decreases, the old branches need to be renewed.

The leaves should be washed frequently to remove dust, which can enhance the photosynthesis of the plant. When erecting the tower, first erect a bamboo tube or plastic pipe with the same height as the highest branch in the center, and the diameter is about 2~2.5cm. To measure the quality of the Fugui Bamboo Tower, first of all, we need to see whether the tower body is symmetrical, whether the branches and stems have roots, whether the bud eyes are consistent, and whether there are yellowing and dead stems in it.

In the process of curing, the phenomenon of withered and charred leaf tips may be caused by dry air or low temperature. Therefore, attention should be paid to the following points in the maintenance: Fuguizhu likes high temperature and humidity, and the suitable temperature for growth is 20~28 ℃(5 gallon nursery pots wholesale). When the temperature is lower than 15 ℃ in winter, the plant will stop growing. If the temperature is 5~6 ℃, there will be freezing damage. Do not like strong light, 50%~60% sunshade is required, and direct sunlight is forbidden.

In the next 3 to 4 days, clean water shall be replaced. When there is little water, water shall be added to supplement oxygen. Environment and light prefer a semi overcast environment. Whether pruning or root washing, strong and upright stems with leaves should be selected. When shearing, smooth and oblique openings should be cut near the base of stem nodes to absorb water and nutrients, and then the leaves at the base should be cut off. At the initial stage of hydroponics, change the water once a day, and fibrous roots will grow after about 2 weeks.

In hot and dry summer, water should be sprayed on the leaf surface 2-3 times a day. Too dry basin soil or high temperature drying will cause the leaf tip and leaf margin to scorch, affecting the viewing. In winter, the room temperature should be kept above 10 ℃ to survive safely. Light is not strictly required, and it is suitable to grow under bright scattered light. Excessive light and exposure will cause yellowing, chlorosis, slow growth and other phenomena of leaves. It can withstand 2~3 ℃ low temperature, but frost prevention is required in winter.

The finished products can be purchased directly for hydroponics of plant selection, or pruning hydroponics, or root washing hydroponics. As the new buds of Prosperous and Noble Bamboo are very fragile, they will be broken with a little effort when touched by hands, resulting in that the new leaf clusters emerging in the later period cannot be uniform, which hinders the overall beauty and reduces the viewing effect. Do not move the position or change the direction within 10 days, and change the water frequently(3 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Change the water every 3 to 4 days. Generally, silver fiber roots can grow in about 15 days.

The water should not be changed after rooting, and only water can be added in time after water evaporation is reduced, otherwise it is easy to cause the leaves to wither. In addition, it is better to keep the temperature between 20 ℃ and 25 ℃, and safely overwinter when the temperature is above 5 ℃ in winter. If there is no fertilizer for a long time, the plant will grow thin and the leaves will turn yellow, affecting the viewing. However, excessive fertilization will lead to excessive growth of branches and leaves. It likes humid air and is too dry, so the leaves are easy to become yellow and scorched.

The leaves of Prosperous and Noble Bamboo are sensitive. Do not place them near TV sets, air conditioners, electric fans and other places where they can be blown, so as to avoid drying and yellowing at the tips and edges of the leaves. When the temperature and light are cultivated indoors, the flowerpot should be placed in a bright indoor place. In summer, it should not be directly exposed to strong sunlight. In winter, it should be given more sunlight. It should not be placed in a dark place for a long time, otherwise, the leaves will be dull and lusterless.

Rich in oil green leaves. If you can't control the amount of brandy, you can inject a few drops of brandy into the bottle every three weeks or so, and add a small amount of nutrient solution. The rich and noble bamboo tower must be pruned frequently to maintain a perfect posture, or it will lead to too dense branches and leaves. The tree shape is disordered, the proportion is out of balance, and the level is lost(200 cell plug trays). The Fuguizhu Tower, made of Fuguizhu, has a well arranged structure, a noble and elegant shape, and a very rich meaning, such as rising steadily.

Prosperous bamboo likes warmth and is afraid of cold. If it is hit by cold wind in winter, its leaves will turn yellow due to cold. If the stems are still green after cold damage, it means they still have vitality. When the temperature rises and turns warm in the next year, new leaves can sprout again. Guizhu likes scattering light and is afraid of direct light. If it is placed under the hot sun during curing, the light leaves will fade, become dim, lack luster, and the heavy ones will be burned or scorched.

At this time, it is better to cut the stem and insert it into the bottle again for water curing. Sometimes, the leaves of Phyllostachys giganteus appear soft and drooping shrinkage, which is mainly caused by transplantation. For example, the roots of the water fed bamboo are delicate and slender. If the water fed bamboo is cultivated in the soil, the watering is not sufficient at this time, the above phenomenon will occur. Therefore, we should pay attention to adequate watering, especially at the initial stage of planting, to promote the good development of its root system.

The top cut shall be located at 6mm above the stem node, and all roots and branches shall be consistent to ensure uniform and neat height during germination(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). It can grow to more than 1m without moving or pruning for a long time, forming a green "pillar". The bonsai of "pagoda" is made by using the characteristics of rich and precious bamboos that are easy to take root and sprout. The "Fugui Bamboo Tower" is composed of three or more groups of bamboo stems with different heights.

The bamboo planted in the field shall be uprooted, or the materials with green leaves, thick stems and uniform size shall be purchased, and the leaves shall be removed. After disinfection, the bamboo shall be cut according to the required length. The length and quantity of materials required for each layer shall be calculated according to the design height and level before cutting. In addition to light control and fertilization control, it is also the key to well control the temperature conditions in water culture.

Spring management When the temperature in spring is stable above 15 ℃, change the basin. Generally, the pots of Fuguizhu are changed once a year. The bamboo has strong adaptability, simple cultivation and management, and can be placed indoors with morning and evening light or bright light for long-term viewing. Spring is the peak season for the growth of Prosperous and Noble Bamboo. It should be arranged in a place with sunshine in the morning and evening to keep the soil moist and pay attention to fertilization. Fuguizhu likes high temperature and humidity, but it is afraid of the hot sun.

In summer, it shall be arranged in a bright indoor place(grow bags canada). Watering should be timely to keep the pot soil moist, and pay attention to supplementing indoor air humidity and indoor ventilation. When the temperature is cool in autumn, the sunshine in the morning and evening can be gradually increased to keep the basin soil moist and higher air humidity, and fertilization can be stopped. When cutting materials, it should be noted that the soil end of each stem segment must have nodes, so that after germination, branches and leaves can grow in the bud eye of the node, forming a living pagoda.



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