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How To Apply

Initial questions regarding admission will be directed to the Head of School (HoS)  ( The HoS will then forward the inquiry to admissions personnel. All documents should be submitted to the school registrar (

FIA accepts new student applications at the end of each semester for entrance the following semester. Category I students are accepted on a quarterly admissions basis. Category II & III are accepted only at the start of each semester. Exceptions may be made for qualifying category I families.

Steps for the Application of a New Student

Initial Steps of Admittance
Admittance Requirements
Evaluations & Assessments
Admissions Decisions

1. Begin with a contact with the Head of School (HoS) or Executive Team Designee (ETD).

  • If the family is in Davao, the first step is a visit from the family to the school, including an interview with the Principal or ETD.

  • If the family is outside of Davao, the first step is to send a letter of inquiry to the HoS.


2. Submit the completed application to the registrar and pay the non-refundable application fee to the cashier at the Business Office. No further steps will be taken in the process until this step is completed.  At a minimum the application will contain the following:

Application Form

Language Survey Form

Organizational Affiliation Forms

Student Information Sheet

Medical Exam Form            

Student Code of Conduct/ Computer Use

Health Inventory Form

Signature Page

School Records / Report Cards

Official Transcripts (required for HS credit)  Standardized Test Results (if available)

Photo Waiver

PE Waiver

Proof of Guardianship (if required)

Passport Bio Page

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