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Faith International Academy’s high school athletics program offers volleyball, basketball, and soccer for boys and girls. In addition to challenging our athletes to push themselves to do their best physically, our coaches emphasize the importance of strong character, faith, and good sportsmanship in our sports program.


The school is a member of the International Schools Activities Conference (ISAC). Students compete against local schools during the regular season, and at the end of each season, team members are selected to participate in the ISAC tournament, where all seven schools in the conference meet for a multiple-day competition. The location of the tournament rotates throughout the Philippines. Because of participation in ISAC tournaments, FIA seasons are as follows:


  • August - October: Boys’ and Girls’ Volleyball

  • October - January: Boys’ Soccer and Girls’ Basketball

  • January - March: Boy’s Basketball and Girls’ Soccer


Middle school students also participate in the athletics program. Middle school students are invited to tryout for volleyball and those with athletic talent or advanced skills are occasionally invited to join the high school teams. When student interest and coaching staff are available, a separate basketball program is run specifically for middle school. This program runs alongside the high school teams and follows the same season schedule. The soccer program is a combined program where middle school and high school practice and play together.

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