Elementary/Middle School Teacher ~ Ruth Graybill

In 2001, the Lord led me to Faith International Academy (FIA) to be part of the missionary staff. FIA is a very special place for someone to serve the Lord by ministering to the children of missionaries in southeast Asia. You have the opportunity to utilize your skills and feel the reward of furthering the work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I have seen families prosper here in an atmosphere of loving acceptance, where there is a community that fully supports family life. The open school policy allows singles and families to come on weekends to spend family times together enjoying sports and socializing with others.

Singles have found fulfilment in challenges where they can have experiences that would often not be available to them so early in their careers. It is rewarding to know that you are making a difference in the lives of the children as well as their parents who can depend on the school to meet the educational needs of their children.

The beautiful surroundings of Davao City – its many attractions of beaches, boat trips, resorts, restaurants, and scuba diving and snorkeling sites – give added zest to the lives of those who choose to serve the Lord here.




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